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Cosmetics marcoms rules in Europe

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The Cosmetics sector is high-profile and attracts considerable media, political and regulatory attention, both in terms of its products and its communications. In July 2013, the EU Cosmetics Products Regulation (1223/2009) came into force in EU member states (EU Regulations apply directly), with attendant Directives (655/2013) and guidelines that set out "common criteria" for the justification of cosmetics products claims. Partnering or supporting this EU legislation is the European Cosmetics and Personal Care Association, Cosmetics Europe; its 2012 “Guiding Principles on Responsible Advertising and Marketing Communication” supports the EU Regulation and also covers more executional issues. National regulation, either statutory or self-regulatory, is broadly mindful of the European influence though there is always local regulatory "flavour". Unlike some other heavily regulated sectors, channels are largely available: it's what you can say and how you can say it, rather than where you can say it, that's the driving force of this sector

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