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Director General of the IPA

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  • Categories

    Ten of the most heavily-regulated sectors

    • Alcohol
    • Cars
    • Channel
    • Children
    • Comparative
    • Cosmetics
    • Financial
    • Food & Drink
    • Gambling
    • Pharma
  • Countries

    Twenty-eight high ad-spend countries


Here's one we prepared earlier

You can see the full Car marcoms rules from Belgium (just click on the title above) as an example of the structure & content

in 10 categories and countries. Note that the rules are not updated in this form and we suggest you don't act on them. 

Here's one we prepared earlier

  • This website assembles by product category the rules that affect their marketing communications in ten categories and twenty-eight countries: sourced, translated, and expressed accurately and clearly.

    The content is reviewed by the advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and / or by lawyers in each country.

    The rules are presented in plain English. In case their source is required, links to all the official statutory legislation and advertising self-regulatory codes are provided.

  • If you need to ensure proposed marcoms comply with the rules, we provide access to Copy Advice from all the SROs.

    G-Regs is an easy way to access regulations internationally and it will save you time and money. To find out more, click here. And to find out about subscribing, go to the Contact tab.

    That’s the way we like things. Simple.

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