What is G-Regs?

Marcoms rules from around the world.

This website was created because managers of international brands need it. Communications for major brands are frequently and increasingly developed from a single point to run across several countries in a region, and it's not unusual for global ideas to be developed from one creative source for adaptation country by country.

Some categories (Alcohol, Food, Cars, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals etc.) are especially regulation-sensitive, and the rules not only differ by market, but also are frequently inaccessible to the creators of the campaign.

If, for example, you’re developing a drinks campaign out of London, the niceties of the communications rules in a market as close and as key as Germany currently require either the attentions of a lawyer, or requests to a busy network office, or an extensive search and translation process. Yet individual country rules can compromise an international campaign severely, and certainly delay or complicate the campaign’s development and placement.

That situation is far from ideal.

So we have sourced, translated and assembled the rules that affect marketing communications in ten categories and twenty-eight countries, as below:

Sectors or Issues Europe Asia Latin America
Alcohol Belgium Australia Argentina
Automotive France China Brazil
Children Germany India Chile
Comparative advertising Italy Indonesia Mexico
Cosmetics / Personal Care Netherlands Korea North America
Financial Services Poland Malaysia Canada
Gambling Russia Singapore U.S.A
General Culture Spain Taiwan Africa
HFSS Foods Sweden Thailand South Africa
Pharmaceuticals UK Vietnam Nigeria

What’s on the website

For the categories and countries above, you will soon find on this site:

  • All the statutory laws (EU Directives and regulations as well as the national laws that implement those, or that provide additional legislation) that affect marcoms
  • The category rules from the individual self-regulatory organisations in each country 
  • The rules or guidance from the relevant industry associations. In many cases these trade bodies also have content and channel stipulations
  • If you need help with making sure that marcoms abide by the rules, access to Copy Advice from the self-regulatory organisation in each country is provided together with:
  • Easy single-point access for copy advice on draft campaigns that will be run in several countries
  • The targeting and placement rules that apply to the selected category for some twenty channels together with the channel rules for all permitted categories
  • Channels covered include all the electronic media you might expect and a few that you mightn’t
  • Finally, in case you need to access the source of the rules, we provide links to all the statutory laws and industry codes that affect the category, together with translations of the relevant clauses
  • All of the above you can “stack” alongside each other for up to three countries. That means that you can easily compare the rules country by country
  • And for each category we provide a simple downloadable summary fact sheet for the region country by country, providing all the key channel rules in one place.

This stuff, dry as it is, will change your life.

You can try a demo version of the site by selecting the Categories tab from the main menu.

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